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An electric vehicle charging station with a sleek design, featuring multiple charging ports and a user-friendly interface. The station is surrounded by greenery, symbolizing sustainable transportation and a clean energy future.


We are experts of EVSE and EV industry bringing together a collective experience of over 80 years in Hardware, Mechanical, Software and Systems Domains. Our goal is to be the pioneers in energy conversion.

Our vision is to provide robust, cost effective solutions to our esteemed customers in a timely manner. We only happen to start with the EV and Mobility Industries.`


Wide Variety of Solutions

We provide charging solutions for two, three, four Wheelers and public EV chargers.

Variety of EV charging solutions

Integration Ease

We provide 100% CAN matrix customization and help speed up the integration for your desired application requirements.

100% CAN integration
IP 67 protection

Sealed and Rugged

Solterra Chargers are IP67 rated with excellent protection against the elements, extreme shock, bump, vibrations, humidity, and temperature cycling.

Tested for IEC Standards.

Standard Compliance

Solterra products are tested io IEC standards and provide the highest level of safety and compliance with AIS standards.

Full Stack Support for your devices

Full Stack Support

Solterra is your long-term strategic partner. We’re more than just a charger supplier and help customers find the right solutions.

High Reliability

Designed for High Reliability

Solterra Chargers are designed for a life of 8 years for the harshest of conditions out there.

Sealed and Rugged


Our capabilities lie in developing and producing EV chargers for various types of vehicles, including two-wheelers, passenger and commercial three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. We offer solutions catering to vehicle owners, fleet operators, battery original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), automotive OEMs, and charging network operators.

Additionally, we provide services such as deep tech design and strategy consultancy, contract manufacturing, software, and OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) consultancy, delivering comprehensive solutions in these areas.


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